Glide specialist

From the passion for skiing and the mastery of fluorine chemistry of the Mazza family, MAPLUS ® was born in 1997 , a division specialized in waxes and technical accessories for ski preparation.
Fluorine and its secrets are in fact the heart of the research and development of Maflon Spa, a dynamic and innovative company specialized in the production of high-tech fluorinated products. Owned by Mazza Holding of Castelli Calepio (Bg), the industrial group, 100% Italian, has been present for more than thirty years on the global market with its main companies, Guarniflon ® Spa and Maflon ® Spa in primis.
Thanks to the synergies with Maflon ® industrial chemical researchSpa, in just twenty years, challenging much longer-lived competitors, MAPLUS ® has been able to reach a leading position in high-level competitions.
From the debut at the World Cross-Country Skiing Championships in Ramsau in 1998, with the novelty of a liquid perfluorinated product, to the successes of the 2017 Pyengchang Olympics, MAPLUS has become with its perfluorinated products the reference in terms of sliding and durability in the Cup. of the Ski and Snowboard World.
We can declare with satisfaction that today MAPLUS ® waxes are used in competition by all the national teams and by all the companies present in the World Cup!

And yet MAPLUS ® does not only care about athletes and their results: the experience acquired at the highest level has allowed us to develop a complete line of waxes ideal to meet the needs of any skier and snowboarder, from the freeride enthusiast to the beginner who wants equipment that is easy to manage, up to the needs of professional laboratories for rental materials.

The Research and Development department of Maflon ® Spa constantly creates new formulations of fluorinated polymers to create appropriate and durable coating solutions for any type of surface, in order to create a highly effective protective barrier against various agents such as oils, water, food and drinks.
From this very high level experience the new MAPLUS CARE LINE was born in 2018, which guarantees the best results in terms of oil and water repellency maintenance and stain-resistant properties of functional clothing, technical fabrics and all types of outdoor shoes. and mountain, ensuring correct and effective breathability.
With MAPLUS SUPER CARE LINE we want to ensure that the technical functionality of your clothing and equipment lasts for a long time.

To obtain our results, we respect the most advanced rules in terms of sustainable development, taking the utmost care of the human being. Maflon ® Spa is fully involved in the LCPFC (Long Chain Perfluorinated Chemical Products) elimination process. Therefore our MAPLUS CARE LINE products do not contain PFOA and its precursors.


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